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Hi! My name is Eric Ziegler and my goal in teaching yoga is to create a safe space for people to explore their limits – and beyond. The 8-Limbed Path of Yoga has many avenues to explore mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and the journey is unique to you. As Bryan Kest says, “Yoga does not ask you to be more than you are, but it does ask you to be all that you are.”  I look forward to sharing this ancient practice with you to accelerate your progress towards your personal fitness and wellness goals.


Certifications & Training

Yoga Alliance Certified 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training - in process

CorePower Yoga 200 - hour Yoga Teacher Training

CorePower Yoga - 50 hour Power Yoga TT Extensions

CorePower Yoga - Advanced Power Training

CorePower Yoga - Yoga Sculpt Training

Veteran's Yoga Progect - Mindful Resiliance Training



From Jason in Los Angeles -
I have never done yoga before and I wanted to tell you that I am finding it to be so helpful for me in a number of ways. Athletically, I do a lot of cycling, lift weights and occasionally golf.  I have had problems with lower back pain for several years. Not debilitating pain, but enough to be a problem. Since doing our Wednesday practice, I am finding that I am no longer getting the back pain. And when I do my other activities, I seem to recover quicker as a result of not having to suffer through a day of post recovery pain.
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